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Welcome to "A Path To Healing" Centre

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Thank you for visiting!

Now grab a coffee, pull up a chair and lets have a chat. 

How have you been feeling?  

Are you....

* Tired?  

* Lacking in clarity?

* Low in energy?  

* Losing your sense of direction?  

* Immune system feeling a bit sluggish?

* Not sleeping very well?

You see, we all get to a point in our life that if we are always looking after others (family, friends, elderly etc) then eventually it will take a

toll on your health and wellbeing because your own cup is slowly draining away and eventually you will be "running on empty".  


You might be able to carry on like this for a while but at the end of the day it is you who will suffer. There is a saying "You cannot

fill another's cup if yours is empty"  And that is so true.

Filling up ones cup means to have self love and practice self care which is something that is very much lacking in our society and I

believe, as humans, we have come to the crossroads and we have to make a choice in order to live our life to the fullest.

"But I don't have time" I hear you say.  Well, you have to make time.  You have to make YOU a priority in your life. Because if you don't, several things will occur:

* You will start to feel "used"
* You will build up and store resentment
* You will build up and store anger
* Your health will start to fail
* You will come to the end of your life and think "What was my life all about?"

Your life is all about knowing you deserve all that life has to offer and..... loving yourself..... and by the way, loving yourself is not about is about taking care of YOU. 

So why not let me assist you to take care of YOU.

Book your Reiki sessions now and let me take you on a journey to self awareness, self love and self discovery. It will be the best gift/ investment you could ever give yourself.

How to book: It's easy! Click on the "Contacts" page and either phone, text or email and I will get back to you within 24 hrs. It's that simple!

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