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About me


Hi. My name is Vicki Hodges and I am the owner of  “A Path To Healing”.

I was introduced and initiated into Reiki 1 in 1997 then initiated into Reiki 2 Distant Healing in 2006.  In 2016 I became a Reiki Master.

​In mid 2022 I was guided to become a Crystal Therapist as I have been interested in crystals for quite some time and now have quite a collection!  I feel that Crystals, being 'Mother Earth's' gift to us, compliments Reiki healings so when you combine the two together the energy intensifies and I believe it speeds up the healing process.

​I was also guided to another healing modality to compliment Reiki and Crystal therapy and I completed my certificate in Ho'oponopono which is a Hawaiian healing practice made popular by Morrnah Simeona who trained Ihaleakalā Hew Len (AKA Dr Hew Len) in 1982. He then travelled the world imparting his knowledge of this ancient Hawaiian healing modality.

Ho'oponopono is based on the premise that we create our life through either Inspiration or Memory. If things aren't going too well in your life, then you are trying to create from memory. Heal those memories and you create from inspiration.  I incorporate Ho'oponopono into my personal daily routine and also into my healing practice.

​I have 2 amazing children and 1 amazing grandchild and family is everything to me.  I see them every week so we can have family time together which includes my elderly mother who lives with me.

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